Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Binx is a hot guy who loves to jerk off, ad he loves having his cock stroked. He was hanging out in bed when his roommate came in with a camera and started looking at him and filming him. As Binx pulled back his blanket he showed off her hot little boxers and killer body.

He starts rubbing his cock through his underwear, but his roommate has other things in mind. He set the camera down so it was aimed at Binx and his fine body then he pulled Binx’s boxers down and started teasing his cock. Binx laid back like a king and let him tease that cock. He put a little lube on his hand, gripped that cock and started stroking him. Binx lets out a little moan as he starts getting rock hard. His roommate loves giving a gay handjob and is very skilled at it.

Binx was so hard he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for very long, but he wanted to enjoy the moment as much as possible so he relaxed himself and just let the waves of pleasure crash over him as his cock got stroked faster and faster.

His roommate could feel Binx about to burst so he tightened his grip and with his free hand he reached down and started massaging his balls. The feel of that hand rubbing is balls while he got stroked sent him over the edge and he came hard. He shot his hot load all over his body and let his roommate continue to stroke him until he had milked every last drop out of him.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I snuck into my guest room again and found Keith sleeping soundly in bed, his hand inside the sheets, and of course at that point I was curious and had to find out if he had a hard-on or not. I honestly tried to wake him up, but when he didn’t wake up, I snuck into his shorts and played with his cock. I went ahead and peeled the sheets down so that he was semi nude, and then I moved my hands back to begin playing with his cock. I moved the leg of his shorts over which gave me easy access and I played with his ballsack and then began to pull down his shorts. I was hoping that I could do it without waking him up. I woke him up a bit, but he didn’t seem to mind. I pinched his nipples and then went on to stroke his cock while fondling his ballsack again. Then I jerked on his cock and kissed his nipples.

It wasn’t long until this jerk job got wild and crazy. I got the lube out and raised his ass up to give me a better position to toy his ass with. He moaned and began to jerk on his own cock while I toyed his tight ass. He was moaning as I shoved that toy in all the way. While that toy was stuck deep into his ass, I made him hold up his own leg and began to jerk on his cock myself for awhile. I flicked it and made it move as I grabbed his hard dick and continued to stroke and toy his ass over and over again.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Dexter is back with me, it seems he likes to be filmed while his cock is played with. That is ok with me, and I was happy to have him back to capture on camera once again. I just love playing with this boys cock in his white undies. It is a very wonderful feeling as his cock begins to get hard and I can feel it in his undies. As it begins to poke its way out of his underwear I pull them down and begin to jerk on that stiff cock. I then add some lube and begin to stroke and jerk on his cock as he moans his approval. You can tell by the look on his face that he is really enjoying how I am stroking his cock. I really think my hands were made for jerking on a stiff cock, just look how perfectly they fit around Dexter’s hard cock.

Dexter likes it to. He just leans back as I continue to stroke his cock, he pulls his leg up to work his pelvis as I stroke his cock, he actually begins to fuck my hand. I alternate between jerking on his entire cock and then just his head driving him insane. I really begin to stroke the shit out of that dick ad he is moaning like mad, I’m not sure how much of this he can handle. When I start using two hands on his cock he about explodes his load right there and then. He likes that two handed fisting so I continue to use two hands as he moans and states he is going to cum. He explodes his load all over his stomach, chest and it almost fills up his belly button.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Diesel and Tyler

Tyler makes my day over and over again. He knows that I love to capture boys stroking, jerking and sucking on each other, so he brings Diesal over to the house and gets him nude in my ruckus room. I think my eyes bout left their sockets when I saw the size of the meat that Diesal was packing. Holy fuck! Take a look at that thick, rock hard dick. Tyler has a hard time getting his mouth all the way around it so he can suck it while he jerks on it. At first Diesal looks uncomfortable with me and my camera there watching as Tyler sucks on his dick. Then he stops thinking about the camera and focuses on what Tyler is doing and he is in 7th heaven. Tyler is the king of deep throating and he shows Diesal exactly what he can do with his mouth, before he goes back to jerking and stroking on his dick.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tyler And Zack

Today we are in for a treat, we have Tyler again from Broke Straight Boys making an appearance in my house on camera. I love this boy, and it seems that a lot of you guys do too. Tyler didn’t waste any time he begin jerking and sucking on Zach fast and furiously. Zach got hard immediately from Tyler’s expert mouth and hand action. He then began to reach over and rub Tyler’s dick through his underwear and Tyler began to get hard as well. Tyler slipped off his undies and these boys went into a sixty-nine position so that they both could lick and suck on each other. They licked and sucked on each other until Tyler had to get up and rub his cock against Zach’s.

Tyler jerked some more on Zach’s cock as Zach jerked on his. You could tell he really wanted to ram that dick inside Zach’s hot ass, but knows that we only go for the jerk and suck action here at BG so he calmed himself down a bit and began to jerk the shit out of Zach’s dick. At this point Tyler is jerking both his and Zach’s cock. Zach adds his hands to the mixture and those cocks are being jerked together. Those dicks look great stuck together as both boys jerk on them together. It is really beautiful to watch this jerk job and Tyler is so excited he shoots a huge load all over Zach an then Zach follows his lead and mixes his cum with Tyler’s on his stomach.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cal And Jacob

I am a wicked wicked man; I spent Saturday at a local strip club. I was bored, and the guys here are so damn hot it’s hard not to have a good time. The best part is that there are tons of cute guys hanging out watching the guys like me. I saw Jacob and a friend stuffing some cash down a tight ass guy’s g-string and went over to strike up a conversation. I thought what the hell, let’s find out if they want to go home with me and do more than stuff money down guy’s pants. They agreed and as soon as we hit my place they raced to the bedroom and started to strip down, they were so keyed up from the guys at the club that they couldn’t help themselves. I was ecstatic, I didn’t have to talk them into anything, I just had to grab my video camera and start taping.

When I got back they were already down to their underwear lying in bed fondling each other, making those cocks hard inside those tight undies. Cal looked great in his printed undies and Jacob was getting pretty hard in his as Cal’s hand reached inside to stroke him. That was when Jacob leaned over and started kissing on Cal’s nipple as he began to jerk and stroke on his dick even more. He soon has Cal’s undies off and he is licking and stroking at the same time driving Cal insane. Jacob can’t stand it any longer and he begins to suck and lick on Cal’s hard dick as Cal tells him how good it feels. Jacob doesn’t stop as he hears that he just keeps on sucking and jerking, you can see he wants Cal to explode his jizz all over him. He reaches over and grabs a vibrator and as he strokes his dick he shoves that vibrator into Cal’s tight ass making him moan even more. Jacob goes back to sucking and jerking as that vibe takes its toll on Cal’s ass. I was so happy I had invested in a fleshlight, because Jacob grabbed it and began to tool Cal’s hard dick with it. He was moaning and toying his own ass by this time and I was expecting a huge cumload soon.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One of my favorite places to pick up guys is the coffee house next to the local college. All the guys stop in for an iced cappuccino or a strong cup of java. When I saw Dexter there I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him and walked over to strike up a conversation. He didn’t seem upset or shy, so I asked him if he’d really like a great cup of coffee back at my place. It didn’t take me long to talk him into lying down and pulling his cock out, It was a short step from that to having him stroke that dick while I turned the video camera on. He jerked his cock so well that I had to lean over and give him a hand getting his thick cock hard. It didn’t take long with my hand and his to get his cock rock hard and throbbing. That dick felt so good in my hands as I stroked it slow and then fast making his hips buck. He was really enjoying the way I stroked his cock and when he came it was explosive and I didn’t think he would ever stop squirting out his man gel for me and coating his stomach with goo.

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